Donate now to protect endangered native animals and restore the habitats they depend on


Each week, more and more of Australian wildlife gets put on the threatened list. In your lifetime, we’ve become the country with the highest mammal extinction rate in the world.

That can stop, and with your help, it will. 

Please help our national parks protect the species you love with a donation. All donations go towards expanding national parks around Australia and providing protection areas for threatened species.

Our National Park’s and protected areas are more than places of peace to get away from the noise of city life. They are refuges for our irreplaceable native species like Koalas and other endangered animals and plants. This tax-time, we need your urgent help to expand the footprint of our National Parks and create a place that extinction can’t reach. 

Thank you for your generous donation to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.  

Create your extinction free zone.

Growing Parks & Saving Species


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