Your Monthly Donations Make a Difference


HABITAT HEROES are a special group of FNPW donors. They provide monthly gifts on an ongoing basis, forming a fund that we know we can count on as a steady resource for our important work.

By doing this you will be supporting the immediate disaster response taking place right now, as well as the extensive program that will be needed to rehabilitate our natural environment.

Your monthly donations will help to:

  • Increase the capacity of those who care for and rehabilitate injured wildlife
  • Purchase high biodiversity value land near national parks that have been impacted by fire
  • Plant native trees to help regenerate areas in and around national parks
  • Restore wildlife corridors for threatened birds and animals and support species recovery projects


Become a Habitat Hero With a Monthly Gift to FNPW

You can show your support for the long-term restoration of our damaged landscapes by committing now to join us as a Habitat Hero.

Habitat Hero Monthly Donations

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