Become a Habitat Hero with FNPW and join our special group of donors who provide monthly gifts on an ongoing basis.

As a Habitat Hero, you will be supporting long term native conservation programs that help guard our native flora and fauna against the impacts of natural disasters and climate change.  

Your ongoing gift will help endangered species such as the Mountain Pygmy Possum, which is the only true hibernating alpine marsupial of Australia. Living in the NSW Snowy Mountains, they have become critically endangered due to habitat loss, fragmented subpopulations, bushfires, a decline in their primary food source of Bogong moths, impacts of climate change and predators such as feral cats and foxes. 

With the help of your generous gifts, FNPW is supporting the construction of a Mountain Pygmy Possum breeding centre, which will allow for an insurance population on site. 

“The breeding facility will give the mountain pygmy possum its first real chance of surviving climate change. The facility will provide the bridge to help them transition into those far more comfortable environments and survive the lethal changes coming to the alpine zone. “ 

Trevor Evans, owner of Secret Creek Sanctuary

Support long-term recovery with a Monthly Gift to FNPW

Join Habitat Heroes to support long term conservation work, including restoration of habitats for our endangered native flora and fauna and ongoing recovery work in the aftermath of floods and bushfires. Your monthly gift provides FNPW with a predictable and steady source of funding and helps us plan ongoing projects and initiatives.

As a Habitat Hero, you will receive updates about the impact of your support, as well as opportunities to get involved in volunteer events and other activities.

Your ongoing gift, no matter how big or small, will help to create a better future for natural Australia. 

Thank you for becoming a Habitat Hero.

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