It’s frightening, but true… a third of all the world’s seagrasses have been lost in just a single human generation*

Consider these Facts

  • More than 90% of Australia’s shellfish reefs have now disappeared
  • At least four turtle species (Hawksbill, Kemp’s Ridley, Green and Loggerhead) are listed as endangered or critically endangered        
  • One in four species of sharks, rays and skates is now threatened with extinction, which has a terrible flow-on effect for the marine ecosystem
  • Many marine molluscs like nudibranchs are becoming increasingly rare due to pollution, loss of suitable habitats and biodiversity decline.

Hoegh, Guldberg et al., 2015

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With your help, FNPW will fund vital research projects aimed at improving the conservation, restoration and management of our precious marine ecosystems. In time, this research could save entire species from extinction!

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