This summer, your donation can help expand the protection that our national parks provide to save our species.  


In the aftermath of the fires, we learned a devastating fact: over one billion native animals had been killed, and many species that were already under threat were pushed even closer to extinction. With El Niño conditions set to return; emergency service teams are preparing for the worst. How can our native species prepare?

 You can help protect Australia’s threatened species this summer by supporting the expansion, regeneration and protection of our national parks and other critical habitat areas. Please give a generous donation today to protect the parks that protect life.

 Our national parks represent one of the last places of refuge for our native species. They also serve as a life-saving network for animals fleeing natural disasters and are an important route back home once the disaster has passed.

 Your support means we can protect and restore areas that contain unique biodiversity values, build resilience in habitats at greatest risk of natural disasters and plant trees to create natural corridors for our native species to move through.

 By donating today, you will be helping protect and restore our precious landscapes and ecosystems for the generations of tomorrow. Thank you for your generous donation. 

Create your extinction free zone.

Growing Parks & Saving Species


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