Your donation can help expand the protection that our national parks provide to save our species.  

Whether you recognise nature as a place to escape to, from the stresses of your daily life, or if you feel deeply in protecting the biodiversity that is in our care—the outcome is the same: you know you want it protected forever. At FNPW we aim to preserve the cultural and conservation values of our national parks while expanding protected areas through property acquisition.

Currently, we're seeking support to purchase a critical 23,000-hectare property in Far North Queensland, adjacent to Boodjamulla National Park (Aboriginal Land) on Waanyi Country and also to further our key work in supporting and protecting the environment, biodiversity and heritage of Australia. This pristine wetland region, listed in the Directory of Important Wetlands of Australia, is under threat. Your donation will safeguard habitats for five vulnerable species and countless endemic flora and fauna. Without intervention, this vital land faces degradation and invasion by feral species, leading to irreversible damage. 

Help us protect these irreplaceable ecosystems and create a new sanctuary by donating today. Together, we can ensure this ecological wonder remains in the right hands—yours. 💚

Create your extinction free zone

Growing Parks & Saving Species


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