We have all seen the devastation created by the nation’s fires. Your help is now needed to grow this recovery effort further... 

With your support, Healing our land can and will continue.   

Your gift will grow our national parks and plant for the future; safeguarding natural Australia for future generations.

Your gift will continue Healing our land through the next growth phase by restoring natural habitats and replacing native vegetation. 

Your gift will set up Bushfire Recovery tree nurseries in communities across Australia that partner with local volunteers to propagate native plants for erosion prevention and regenerating animal habitat. 

Your gift will help towards restoring the habitat of species including the Black Glossy Cockatoo and Koala.  

Will you continue to support our environment and those precious native animals with a donation to Healing our land?

Healing our land

Our iconic natural landscapes have suffered so much over the 2019/2020 bushfires, with your help they can begin to recover.

Will you make a gift that will ensure the future of natural Australia for generations to come?


On behalf of the generations to come who will share our love for our amazing creatures and glorious, diverse landscapes, we thank you for your gift.

FNPW Donations - Healing our land
Healing our land

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