We have all seen the devastation created by the nation’s fires. Now it’s time to ease the distress of the animals and start the replenishment of our parks. 

With your support, Healing our land will help us to: 

Immediately protect unburnt patches in otherwise charred landscapes 

Restore the habitat necessary to once again support wildlife, by planting vegetation and providing critical food resources 

Initiate immediate pest control to prevent feral animals like foxes and cats preying on native animals now exposed by the fires 

Purchase available land on the edges of our national parks to extend them and provide additional areas for threatened animals to recover 

Establish monitoring programs that will chart the hoped-for recovery of those species facing extinction. 

Will you continue to support our environment and those precious native animals with a donation to Healing our land?

Healing our land

Your gift will help heal critical wildlife habitats and ensure a future for Australia's precious animals, birds and national parks. 

We can't do it without you. 


On behalf of the generations to come who will share our love for our amazing creatures and glorious, diverse landscapes, we thank you for your gift.

FNPW Donations - Healing our land
Healing our land

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