Healing Our Land 
Our natural Australia is in trouble. Environmental disasters, most recently floods in many parts of Australia, continue to prevent our land and native animals from recovering. Your gift today will ensure that our wilderness continues to survive and thrive in the future. 

  • $25 will provide food for wildlife for a week 🌿
  • $50 will grow five trees 🌱
  • $100 helps support volunteers to feed and care for injured wildlife 🐨
  • $200 provides nesting boxes for threatened species. 💚

Your donation helps with long-term restoration of areas that have been decimated by floods and fires and builds resilience so that our land and wildlife can continue to recover.

Australia has the world’s second largest number of unique flora and fauna species yet one of the highest rates of extinction in the world. Our native lands and species are endangered from disaster after disaster. And when we lose them, they are lost forever. 

Thank you for supporting the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. 



FNPW Donations - Healing our land

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