Help protect what’s left of Manyana’s forest


  Save precious unburnt habitat on the NSW South Coast, and the threatened species that depend on it. 

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is seeking your help to protect biodiversity and wildlife habitat in Manyana, NSW.


With up to 80 per cent of National Park lands in the Shoalhaven fire-affected in the devastating 2019-2020 bushfires, every piece of unburnt habitat is precious.  

Your tax deductible gift will protect mature forest which has become a refuge for wildlife that fled the Currowan Mega Fire.


This now rare, unburnt forest rings with a chorus of birdsong, unlike the nearby scorched bushland which is deathly silent.


Manyana Conservation Fund 

 Your tax deductible donation will help fund the ongoing protection of unburnt forest in the Manyana region after the bushfires.

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An extraordinary number of conservation dependant species have been recorded on and adjacent to Manyana’s magical forest including the critically endangered Scrub Turpentine and Swift Parrot and the threatened Gang-Gang Cockatoo, Greater Glider, Glossy Black Cockatoo, the Powerful Owl, the Southern Brown Bandicoot, the Grey-Headed Flying Fox and the Large Bent-winged Bat.

Following the 2019/2020 bushfires the following animals also recorded in Manyana forests were listed as requiring urgent management intervention: Mainland Dusky Antechinus, Superb Lyrebird, Pilot Bird and Mustard-Bellied Snake. The importance of Manyana’s forests for the survival and recovery of vulnerable plant and animal species in the area cannot be overestimated. 

Saved by the courageous efforts of local RFS volunteers during the height of last summer’s unprecedented bushfires, we need your help to protect this forest, ensure a home for wildlife and provide a seed and pollen source from which the nearby Conjola National Park can regenerate.  

Many scientists estimate the surrounding national park may take decades to recover, if at all. But it’s not too late to safeguard this forest. You can help save this crucial habitat, connect it with the neighbouring Conjola National Park and protect it forever.

Please help ensure native animals have food & shelter by generously donating today.


Manyana Conservation Fund (About the fund)
Manyana Conservation Fund is dedicated to the purchase, as well as the ongoing conservation and management of unburnt forest as well as wildlife habitat in and around Manyana.  Your donation will go towards preserving the Manyana land, its wildlife, habitats and regeneration, particularly post bushfires.

Purchase may include contributing in whole or in part to the purchase of privately held land. Conservation and management may include ongoing maintenance of the land such as weeding, bush regeneration, wildlife support facilities, public education, facilities, and contributions to land management activities.

Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW)

Operating for over 50 years, the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is the trusted charity partner of Australia’s National Parks. We are committed to "Growing Parks and Saving Species" by funding conservation projects across Australia to safeguard wilderness and wildlife for future generations.  

Manyana Conservation Fund

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