For every $10 donation we plant 🌱 tree.

$30 to plant three trees

$50 to plant five trees

$100 to plant ten trees

Give a gift that keeps on giving

Join us in our mission to grow and plant 1 Million Trees in disaster-affected areas by 2025. Your contribution will provide shelter, food and essential habitat for diverse animal species. 

Our local environmental experts carefully select tree species suitable for the local conditions, ensuring they contribute to essential wildlife corridors. These trees are nurtured from seed in community nurseries across Australia. 

Say thank you with a gift that keeps on giving - gift a tree! 🌱 It's a perfect way to express gratitude, celebrate a special occasion or simply spread love. Every gift comes with a personalised electronic certificate, confirming the tree's purchase in the giftee's name, along with a unique message from you.

Make a meaningful gesture that benefits the planet. Will you gift a tree and help us reach our goal? 

Please note that Gift a Tree certificates will be provided on the following business day. We appreciate your understanding and patience. 

Gift a Tree

Gift a Tree

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