Your donation can help make a difference for NSW’s threatened plants and animals

SOS-logoToday, we’re at risk of losing nearly 1,000 of our state’s native animals and plants.

That’s why the NSW Government founded the Saving our Species program, which brings together volunteers, scientists, businesses and community groups, to secure the future of Australia’s unique species.

Saving our Species needs your help to ensure Australia’s unique plants and animals are safe today and tomorrow.

Saving our Species: Join the Movement 

  Your donations help to fund our conservation actions to stabilise, secure and increase populations of threatened species – and every dollar makes a big difference.


Brush-tailed rock-wallabies (Petrogale penicillata). Photo: Piers Thomas/DPIE

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Thank you for your donation, the Saving our Species team and its program partners are working hard to continue delivering conservation actions following the recent bushfires across the state. To stay up to date with developments, please subscribe to the SoS newsletter. Should you wish to donate to a specific species or project, please provide details above and we will be in touch with options.

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